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From smarter maintenance to operational cost controls to optimizing major processes, Transocean drilling services are becoming the most efficient in the industry.

Efficiency Impacts Everybody

Exploration and production companies must make enormous investment commitments on any given projects. Everything we do to operate efficiently saves our customers money and positively impacts the economics of their projects. All of our efforts are focused on delivering our customers success and making Transocean part of that success.

Condition Based Maintenance

Transocean is redefining our approach to equipment maintenance, using data to drive the process. We are monitoring the condition of our equipment and machinery in real time, utilizing key data to make informed decisions delivering the best possible maintenance strategy. This has shown significant potential for improving reliability and optimizing maintenance cost. We call this Condition Based Maintenance and it will be playing a vital role across the fleet in the future.

Rethink Cold-Stacking

We have made great advances to improve the overall process of long and short-term preservation of our inactive rigs at Transcoean. There has been a significant decrease in the number of days involved in the cold stacking process along with a more efficient reactivation methodology. This was demonstrated by the efforts with the Henry Goodrich in Q2 of 2016. If you remain in a constant state of improvement, always seeking better answers and more efficient ways to operate, you can provide customers more options and more cost-effective solutions.


Have an efficient meeting

If working with a lean, smart drilling contractor who makes your operation more efficient sounds good to you, contact a marketing representative today.