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Rig Types

The largest, most diverse fleet has the ideal rigs to serve your project

The Right Fleet

Transocean is constantly evaluating the sophistication and marketability of our rigs in order to maintain our position as the industry's leading fleet. We can help you find the ideal rig for your project, regardless of geography, environmental conditions or water depth.


More than half of Transocean's 30 ultra-deepwater rigs are less than 10 years old; five are less than three years old. Our ultra-deepwater fleet represent the most diverse and flexible rigs in the world with some of the newest rigs featuring our patented hybrid power technology. 

Explore all ultra-deepwater rigs

  • Max Water Depth: Ranges from 7,500-12,000 ft
  • Max Drilling Depth: Ranges from 30,000-40,000 ft
  • 18 have dual activity capability
  • 29 have dynamic positioning systems

Harsh environment

We operate 7 harsh-environment semisubmersibles, all with propulsion systems, and several featuring dynamic positioning systems. From ultra-deepwater with dual activity to deepwater and midwater semi-submersibles, you can find a rig for any manner of cold, windy, high seas environments.

Explore All Harsh Environment Rigs

  • Two of these rigs feature dual-activity capability
  • Three rigs are equipped for shallow depths, two for deepwater and two for ultra-deepwater combined with full DP and moored configurations for the ultimate flexibility
  • Operating Variable Deck Load capacities range from 2900 to 6300 metric tons


Transocean maintains three deepwater semi-submersible rigs designed to drill in 4,000 ft to 7,500 ft of water to meet customers specific requirements.

Explore all deepwater rigs

  • Max Water Depth: Ranges from 4,000-7,500 ft
  • Max Drilling Depth: Ranges from 25,000-30,000 ft
  • Operating Variable Deck Load capacities range from 3700 to 4500 metric tons


Transocean maintains six midwater semi-submersible floaters for customers looking to drill in the shallower depths. The majority of these rigs come with a 15,000 psi BOP and hookload capacities ranging from 1 million to 1.3 million pounds. Every rig in this category is equipped with a mooring system. 

Explore all midwater rigs

  • Max water depth ranges from 1500-4500 ft
  • Max drilling depth is 25,000 ft on all rigs
  • Operating Variable Deck Load capacities range from 2700 to 3990 metric tons

High-specification jackup

Transocean has 10 jackup rigs and an additional five newbuild jackups under construction. Many of Transocean's high-specification jackups are equipped with conductor tensioning and automated leg monitoring systems, as well as the ability to make-up drill pipe and casing stands offline. Refer to the specification pages to review the features of each rig.

Explore all jackup rigs

  • Max water depth: 400 ft
  • Hookload capacity ranges from 1,400 kips to more than 2,000 kips
  • Five jackups have extensive offline capabilities
  • Three jackups are capable in cold weather and harsh environments

Want to discuss an offshore rig?

For questions regarding rig capability, or for help determining which rig is best suited for your project, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly.

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