From tropical seas to the Arctic Circle, from 10 feet to 10,000 feet deep, our work takes us to some of the most amazing places on earth. It is our duty to be aware of the environment around us and to ensure our activity does not adversely affect it.

FIRST for the Environment

Focused: We will consistently exceed the expectations of customers, shareholders and employees.
Innovative: We will continuously advance our position as technical leaders, and relentlessly pursue improvement in all that we do.
Reliable: We will execute flawlessly by ensuring that our equipment, processes and systems always perform as and when intended, and that our people are properly trained and motivated.
Safe: Above all else, we will protect each other, the environment and our assets. We will conduct our operations in an incident-free environment, all the time, everywhere.
Trusted: We will always act with integrity and professionalism, honor our commitments, comply with laws and regulations, respect local cultures, and be fiscally responsible.                              

At Transocean we demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility every day through the global use of our Environmental Management System and our links with external stakeholders. Please navigate the pages in this section to learn more about our efforts across the company and the many ways our employees contribute to environmental protection and understanding.