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Macondo U.S. Consent Decree-related Information

On February 19, 2013, the court affirmed a settlement entered into between certain affiliates of Transocean (Transocean) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) relating to the 2010 Macondo incident. An important part of that settlement is a detailed Consent Decree that describes the terms of the civil settlement and includes the imposition of specific obligations on Transocean for a period of five years.

As required under the Consent Decree, Transocean negotiated an approved Performance Plan which became effective January 2, 2014. Transocean will fully comply with these obligations and will continue to demonstrate that it is committed to operating its business and working with all stakeholders in a responsible and respectful manner. This site contains information relating to Transocean's compliance obligations under the Consent Decree and related Performance Plan.

Consent Decree and Performance Plan

Reports Required Under Consent Decree:

22.a Independent Consent Decree Compliance Auditor Annual Reports:
31.a Consent Decree Annual Reports and 20.a Technology Innovations Group (TIG) Reports:
31.b Quarterly Reports to Board of Directors of Transocean Ltd.:

Documents and Information Posted Per Consent Decree and Performance Plan Requirements

Transocean shall create a Public Web Site that contains information related to Transocean's compliance with the obligations under the Consent Decree and Performance Plan. The Public Web Site shall be updated at least annually, by April 2nd of each year.

Documents posted here are organized by Consent Decree paragraph number and date submitted to the United States. Pursuant to Paragraph 14.c, where Transocean deems information to be protected from public disclosure (i.e., trade secrets or confidential commercial information), to preserve as much of the informational value of the posting as possible, Transocean has redacted such information and used its best efforts to supplement with information considered non-confidential.

DATE Paragraph Document Name Download
05/02/2014 15.d.5 CD 15.d.5.Document Revision Notice-CAMS Manual-05.02.14 Download
05/02/2014 15.a.2 CD 14.c Discussion-15.a.2 Pilot Process for Stop Work Authority 03.28.14 Download
05/02/2014 15.a.2 CD 14.c Discussion-15.a.2 Draft Time Out for Safety Policy Download
05/02/2014 15.a.2 CD 14.c Discussion-15.a.2 Stop Work Authority Status Update 03.31.14 Download
04/18/2014 15.b CD 15.b-BOP Certification-DDS-04.18.14 Download
04/18/2014 15.b CD 15.b-BOP Certification-CRL-04.17.14 Download
04/10/2014 15.d.4 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.4 2014 Houston Training Center Internal Courses Download
04/02/2014 21.b CD Summary of Progress Report of Compliance with the Consent Decree Download
04/02/2014 21.b CD Report of Employee Training and Competence for OIM, Senior Toolpusher, Toolpusher and Driller Download
04/01/2014 15.b CD 15.b-BOP Certification-DWC-04.01.14 Download
03/31/2014 15.b CD 15.b-BOP Certification-DSP-03.28.14 Download
03/27/2014 20.a CD 14.c Discussion-20. TIG Mission Statement 2014 Goals and Members Download
03/21/2014 15.b CD 15.b-BOP Certification-DEN-03.21.14 Download
03/14/2014 15.b CD 15.b-BOP Certification-DWN-03.14.14 Download
02/28/2014 16.a-b Emergency Response Team Members by Number and Position 02.24.2014 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.7-8 CD 15.d.7and15.d.8 Operational Alerts Advisory 12.12.13-Confidential Removed Download
02/28/2014 15.d.7-8 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.7and15.d.8. Operational Alerts Plan Summary-01.30.14-Confidential Version) Download
02/28/2014 15.d.6 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.6 Subsea CAP-05.20.11) Download
02/28/2014 15.d.6 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.6 Dynamic Positioning CAP Rev2 -09.2011 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.6 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.6 Driller CAP-Rev3-05.02.11 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.5 CD, 15.d.6 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.5 List of CAMS and 15.d.6 List of CAP employees 01.24.14 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.5 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.5 Competence Assessment Management System Manual-06.18.12 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.3 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.3. WW-GOM Training Matrix 01.24.14 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.1-2 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.1and2 Well Control Competency Assessment Plan Rev.00-01.23.14 Download
02/28/2014 15.d.1-2 CD, 15.d.3 CD 14.c Discussion-15.d.1 Well Control Personnel and 15.d.3 Designated Employees 01.24.14 Download