Transocean is proud to be a founding partner in the SERPENT Project along with BP, Subsea 7 and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, U.K. Our role is to facilitate access to our installations in collaboration with our clients, providing a scientific base to researchers within the SERPENT Project. These researchers undertake a range of different projects, from biodiversity assessment to the impacts of drilling and the assessment of new species, while we conduct normal operations. ROV (remotely operated vehicle) pilots working on our rigs assist researchers in studying marine wildlife through the lenses of cameras on the ROVs.

The project is an international success and has been running for five years. Each year, we seek to engage more of our global fleet in the project to increase the level of scientific understanding in some of the most remote areas of the world's oceans.

Raising Awareness Offshore

SERPENT also provides a tool within the company to educate and inform our employees. They share in up-to-date scientific information, help in the design and construction of experiments, and host presentations by world-leading scientists while onboard our units.

Image of a SERPENT presentation taking place offshore or our rig crews engaged with SERPENT personnel.

Collecting and Sharing Data

While not all of our installations have an ROV, we still actively monitor the environment in which we work. These efforts include marine mammal activity recordings, seabird movements, current speeds, temperature data and other species passing by.

Photos from Norway area Photos from UK area

Schools Link

Transocean sponsors an educational outreach fellow within the SERPENT Project who links SERPENT Project research to our external outreach activities with our stakeholders. One such link is a new initiative by our U.K. Division, which takes the work offshore into the classroom. The project hosts a scientist from SERPENT working offshore on one of our rigs who updates a Web site link with a daily diary of life on the rig and the marine life being observed. Finally, there is a live Web cast video from the rig introducing the rig management, crew members and the SERPENT team. The Web casts are streamed live to the school, the company office in Aberdeen and the SERPENT Project office in Southampton. A world first, the project has been a great success in showing people what life is like offshore in the North Sea.

Link to SERPENT Schools for more information.

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